Welcome to our new website!

If you are not already, we ask you join our discord so we can keep you updated!

Furthermore, here is a little bit of what we're working on:

1. Server Development
We currently have builds in the making, and will showcase those upon completion. Additionally, the server is undergoing development to perfect our server and minimize bugs. We are still however requesting suggestions for features you would like to see, so please leave those either in the Suggestions section of this forums, or in the discord.

2. Staff Team
We are currently taking applications for our staff team, and have a lot of spots to fill. We are looking for knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who would like to help our server be the best it can. We are looking to fill positions from helpers to administrators, so please do not hesitate to apply. With that being said, if you are interested in applying you can do so here.

3. Media Connections
Our goal is to satisfy the most amount of players possible, and that can only be accomplished with youtubers, streamers, and other influencers. We are reaching out to numerous individuals to bring them onto our server, and would like to know who you want recording on Project Prison. If you meet our requirements (Stated Here), then feel free to apply for in-game benefits here!

4. Donation Store
Lastly, our donation store is still in the making and will not be released till a later date. You can look forward to never before seen items, as well as permanent benefits. We are also going to make an attempt for everything to be affordable, as we do not want to make our community pay to win.

If you can't already tell, the Project Prison team is working hard and excited to put this server into action. Please feel free to make use of this website as you feel, but first read over our rules to ensure we maintain a healthy community while in development.

- Project Prison Administration​